After Sales Service

TILOTTOMA LIMITED service does not stop when the product has been paid for and delivered. If you require further information about the product at any time, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. Our expert staff will be happy to answer any questions or help you in any way to enjoy a lifetime of pleasure from your purchase.

We have associate professionals that we regularly require for upholstery and repairs. We are able to deal with lighting repair and troubleshooting any problems created by general wear and tear. Due to the high quality of our product we do not deal with many faults, but we have dealt with customers requiring after sales service with products bought over twenty years previously. We are pleased to deal with these issues and a price will be quoted for the particular task. We trust the service that they supply is of the very best standard and ensure client satisfaction.

It is always helpful if you can keep a record of your Acknowledgement of Order so, that if we need to reference back, we can make sure that we are matching a particular product. Over time some products will be improved or changed and we have the best opportunity to give high quality after sales service if we know exactly when a product was manufactured and bought.

Please be aware that if a product is over a certain age we may not be able to replace parts. With new products being released every year certain products will become discontinued. We apologies if we are unable to help, but it is very rare that any of the products retail for less than a decade. Within this timeframe we should be able to help with your enquiry.