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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Interior Design Company

Are you looking to revamp your bedroom or kitchen? Or, do you want to give your home a brand new look? No matter what the reason, hiring someone who’s professional and has years of experience under their belt is a great idea. A DIY (Do-it-yourself) approach is not...

8 Air-Cleaning Plants You Must Keep In Your Home

Here’s a look at each plant, how you can maintain it, and the potential benefits it can provide. Why should you keep plants inside your home? Well, there are a number of reasons: They keep room temperature at an optimal level. Plants can filter/clean the air. They are...

5 Work Spaces That Inspire Creativity, Enable Collaboration, And Encourage Hard Work

What’s so refreshing about these work spaces is that they genuinely try to emulate their brand

5 Interior Design Trends For 2020

As the beginning of a new decade, 2020 promises to be an exciting year for interior design trends

The Top 5 Interior Design Apps in 2019

Need to get in touch with an interior designer Need to conceptualize my room design Need to sketch out my rooms These interior design-based requirements have 2 things in common You could always do better with some specialized help with them There’s an app for each one...

The Top 10 Kitchen Flooring Ideas in 2019

The various flooring ideas have been selected based on a range of factors like comfort, maintenance and aesthetics

Should You Buy Your House Plans Online?

Readymade or instant house plans are indeed available online. Question is, should you go for them and what do you need to keep an eye on? This is the age of instant everything.From instant coffee to instant payments, so many things are available ‘instantly’. You would...

What Kind of Work Do Interior Designers Do?

A lot of interior design blogs focus on aesthetics, like colour and furniture selection, so you may think interior design is all or mostly about aesthetics. However, there is a lot more that interior designers do and a lot of other skills they need.

Top 5 Green Interior Design Ideas For Your Home

Eco-friendly interior design is the need of the hour, especially in Bangladeshi interior design. Tilottoma, being a leading interior design firm in Bangladesh, is acutely conscious of its duty to help protect the environment.  Eco-friendly interior...

Wellness Based Interior Design

Is wellness-based interior design just a new fad or is there something real in it? Or is it just old wine in a new bottle? As a leading interior design company in Bangladesh, Tilottoma is proud to add to the conversation. Wellness-based interior design. Holistic...

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