• Need to get in touch with an interior designer
  • Need to conceptualize my room design
  • Need to sketch out my rooms

These interior design-based requirements have 2 things in common

  • You could always do better with some specialized help with them
  • There’s an app for each one of them

And that’s why, as 2019 draws to a close, Tilottoma has decided to select the top 5 interior design apps in 2019.

We have selected these apps based on our years of experience handling interior design projects in Bangladesh and based on our extensive interactions with our clients.

How Would Apps Help With Interior Design Solutions?

Apps may be either broad-based or niche. A broad-based interior design app could help you with things as varied as

  • Current interior design trends in Dhaka
  • The best ways to design a restaurant on a budget
  • Legal interior design requirements

On the other hand, a niche interior design app – say, based on home interior design – can help you

  • Plan your furniture arrangement
  • Give you information on great room design deals
  • Understand when you need to go for home design

Whether broad-based or niche, many interior design apps can help you get in touch with interior designers almost anywhere in the world. So, whether you’re looking to get in touch with an interior designer in Bangladesh or an interior designer in Boston, an app will be able to do it for you.

Who Creates These Apps?

Almost anybody can create an app these days. However, as far as interior design apps are concerned, they are chiefly created by

  • Interior design companies
  • Interior design platforms (like Houzz)
  • Interior design enthusiasts interested in giving back to people

Whatever it be, interior design apps are a great way to help you understand and plan your interior design project better.

In fact, that’s the point of view from which we came up with our list of the top 5 interior design apps in 2019 – to provide solutions to the most common design problems faced by people.

How Safe Are These Apps?

As safe (or, as unsafe) as any other apps. With apps, always remember

  • Never type in personal information unless you’re absolutely sure you want to transact with the app
  • Keep an eye on what permissions you’re granting the app on installation
  • Always cross-check critical information like legal advice or pricing information

The apps we have selected are well-regarded and should not lead to problems; however you should always run your own check before proceeding.

So, which are the top 5 interior design apps in 2019?


The Houzz App

Houzz, if you haven’t heard of it, is a massive online platform for all things interior design. It’s like the Wikipedia of interior design. What can you get from Houzz?

  • Millions of high-resolution images of interiors and exteriors for design inspiration
  • Check out over 10 million interior design products
  • Use the View My Room option to visualize what products would look like in your room. You can even ask professionals to review your design idea and annotate it.

Download – Available for free on Android and on iOS.

The Havenly App

If you’re eager to finalize your room design and consult with designers, the Havenly design app could be what you’re looking for. The app focuses on putting you in touch with interior designers willing to consult with you.

There are lots of designers available on the platform, for a range of price levels, so, whether you’re designing on a small budget or you’re going for a luxurious design, Havenly can do it for you.

The app has quizzes to understand your preferred design style based on which they will put you in touch with a designer. And, like Houzz, it has facilities for visualizing design proposals in your space.

Download – Available for free on iOS. You may also visit their website.

The Chairish App

The Chairish App is the first niche design app in this list.

  • Are you a design lover?
  • Do you have a passion for vintage and out-of-the-ordinary furniture pieces?
  • Is it a struggle to get the time out to visit flea markets in search of tasteful furniture?

If your answer is yes, then it’s time you met Chairish. It’s a marketplace where buyers and sellers of vintage and interesting pieces of furniture can get in touch with each other and arrange for transactions. Think of it as the Amazon of eclectic furniture, artworks and decor piece.

Download – Available for free on iOS. You may also visit their website.

The iHandy Level App

Another niche interior design app, the iHandy Level App has a single function – checking for a level surface and measuring angles.

Now, this might seem like nothing, but when you’re trying to do things like designing a hallway, these kinds of functions become really critical and you’ll be thankful there’s an app helping you do it.

Download – Available for free on Android and iOS.

The MagicPlan App

You may be able to buy house plans online, but sometimes, you just need a sketch of your existing room or your existing home. You can no doubt come up with a sketch, but interior design sketches and plans depend on some metrics which, if you aren’t trained, you wouldn’t know to feature in your sketch.

In that case, rather than hire a designer to just sketch your room(s), you can use the MagicPlan app to do it for you. With the sketch done, and your design ideas ready, then you can use the Houzz and Havenly app to get in touch with designers and discuss your interior design project.

Download – Available for free on Android and iOS.

So, The Top 5 Interior Design Apps For 2019 Are

  1. The Houzz App
  2. The Havenly App
  3. The Chairish App
  4. The iHandy Level App
  5. The MagicPlan App

Which interior design apps have you used? Are they on our list? Drop a comment below!