Your visitors will be amazed at your wall design!

10 wall decor ideas to style up your space.

You might be wondering, why go for extra decorations on your walls.

When your space was designed, surely the interior designer was careful to give your walls a stylish look?

Then why should you bother to go for a separate wall decor?

As Bangladesh’s premier home decor agency, we get these questions a lot of the time we suggest clients go for wall design and decor.

As we shall see, going for a separate wall decor can indeed style up your space, plus it has some other benefits.

Blog overview

In this blog post on 10 wall design and decor ideas to style up your space…
  • First, we shall go into the advantages of going for a separate wall decor.
  • And then we will see the 10 wall decor ideas themselves.

Let’s begin.

Advantages of going for a separate wall decor

Here are a few advantages of going for a separate wall decor in your space…

  • It gives you an opportunity to completely revamp your walls according to your personal tastes.
    • For example, say you saw some design when you visited your friend’s home. Or in a Instagram post. You can replicate that on your own walls.
  • It can unlock hidden efficiencies in your living/working space.
  • It may reveal some defects in your wall, that you can get repaired.

As you can see, both from the aesthetic viewpoint as well as from the ergonomic viewpoint, going for your own wall design and decor has advantages!
Now let’s go for the 10 wall design and decor tips to style up your space.

Get a huge painting/artwork

A large-scale piece of artwork will draw attention and give your wall a completely new look.

Even an abstract colour painting will do the trick!

Hang mirrors on the wall

It’s a known wall design trick.

Get a decorative mirror and hang it on your wall.

The advantages of mirrors on walls

It gives the wall a stylish look.

It reflects light and illuminates the room.

Create a ‘gallery wall’

A ‘gallery wall’ is a really great way to bring out your artistic side.

What is a gallery wall?

A ‘gallery wall’ is home decor jargon for a wall with multiple art pieces, fixtures and other decorative elements.

A gallery wall can also make the room seem taller, particularly if you hang your art pieces high up.

Build a wall shelf

Keep objects on a wall shelf, and they will add to the beauty of the wall.

This is a two-for-one wall design idea:

  • It adds to the beauty of the wall.
  • It expands your storage capacity without having to increase the size of your space.

Pro tip: Make this a must for your storage rooms.

Go for tapestries

Showcasing fabrics like tapestries and wall hangings can add colour to a wall, like a painting, but have a softer impact.

Pro tip: They’re easier to remove, package and shift if you move house.

Go for an accent wall

Select a really bold colour – the so-called ‘accent’ colour – and paint your walls with it.

You can also go for other techniques like wallpapers.

Accent colour walls have a big impact on small spaces.

Hang your crockery and cutlery

Do you have articles like plates, knives and forks stored up in cabinets?

Did you know that they make very good decorative elements for your walls?

You can hang them up on your walls, using wire plate hangers.

Pro tip: You’ll need to be extra careful installing the hangers, as if they become loose, your plates etc will fall and break.

Go for an oversized calendar

You might think that with computers and phones giving you the date and day, calendars have become obsolete.

No, they haven’t!

You can make superb wall decor elements with them.

Get an oversized calendar and hang it proudly on your wall!

Have a whiteboard on your wall

This is another way to both make your wall look nice and increase efficiency.

Go for a whiteboard on which you can write task lists, inspirational quotes, daily goals etc.

You can also go for a chalkboard but a whiteboard looks more stylish and there is no chalk dust to worry about.

Mount your television on the wall

If you don’t have a mounted TV, go for it!

It makes the wall look stylish and frees up space from where your TV was located earlier.

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