Some interior design and decor ideas to make your loft style home come alive. Part II of a 2 part series.

In a previous blog post, titled ‘Your Guide To Loft Style Apartments And Homes’, we revealed to you the concept of the loft style home, and what interior design considerations are the basis for making a home loft style.

In this blog post, we will help you proceed beyond the basic loft concept, and give you some design and decor tips to make your loft home/apartment come alive and fulfil all the functions you need it to.

By the time you are finished reading this post, you should have some ready-to-apply home decor tips to make your loft feel cosy…plus some inspiration on how to develop your own design strategies.

Loft home/apartment design tips – an overview

  • First, we will do a quick preview of the previous post, that is revisit the loft style home/apartment concept.
  • Next, we shall go over the loft design and decor tips and tricks.
  • Finally, we shall take a look at the things to keep in mind when discussing these design tips with your designer.

The loft style apartment concept

This particular home design concept originated from the practice of converting disused industrial buildings, particularly in city interiors, into residential buildings, in the United States.

Typically, the spaces in such buildings would have high ceilings, large size, and few internal walls (to accommodate large machinery and enable workers to move freely).

In turn, loft apartments are understood to:

  • Have large height.
  • Be sweeping, with few rooms in each space (no internal walls).
  • Have a decadent, industrial look.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some design tricks you can adopt to make loft homes absolutely fabulous.

Add warm decor elements

Being very spacious, the main area of a loft might feel cold and uninviting.

To nullify that, you should add room elements that are warm and cosy. For example, layers of carpets and rugs, and also rounded objects like an arched mirror and a table lamp.

Plants can have a soothing touch

Yes, loft apartments are deliberately designed to have an industrial feel. However, as this is still a residential space, it might sometimes be needed to have a soothing touch to shrink the industrial and official feel.

Plants can achieve this. Add a few house plants around your apartment.

This can also have a practical use as plants are known to filter the air and regulate room temperature, to an extent.

Don’t know which plants to add? We’ll let you know at the end.

Make the room height work for you

If everything in the room is not that tall (relative to how high the ceiling is), after a certain level, the walls of the room will look bare.

That will make the entire room uninviting.

To deal with that, try to ‘scale’ your decor to match the room size. Make the height work for your room design.

One way is to hang very long curtains. Another is to add accessories like mirrors and artwork to walls.

Go for a neutral design scheme

Our experience suggests that neutral designs will show a smooth flow through your loft.

If an open kitchen is present and viewable from the entrance and all major points within the loft, select integrated features and appliances, and use materials that don’t distract.

Using floating shelves instead of overhead cabinets to get a more sleek (as opposed to bulky) look.

Create functional spaces

As we know, the loft does away with the concept of rooms and interior walls. However, without a bit of proper planning, this can make your home look more desolate and unplanned than a stylish loft apartment.

So, divide the loft up into functional spaces (the equivalent of rooms).

This is easily done by placing furniture of the same use in groups.

While each space blends in with the entirety of the loft, they also have a bit of a diverse feeling.

You can also plan to stress or de-stress certain functions, as per your wish.

For example the kitchen can blend into the background while the living room area can be made prominent with bold colours and contrast.

Upper deck

Some loft homes come with a small upper deck (a room created at a height by a platform) attached. If yours doesn’t have one, create it for yourself.

And then turn it into a personal bedroom, getaway room or even a game room.

You can turn the upper deck into a home office

The upper deck will be relatively isolated from the rest of the living space. So it’ll be quiet and better self-contained.

Perfect for a home office, if you’re working from home.

Add partial walls

Yes, the entire point of a loft apartment is the absence of walls.


Adding partial walls (that is walls that don’t extend to the whole length of the room and cut off visibility completely) is a big help, visually.

They can help with the stress/de-stress of certain functional area of the room and also bring cohesion into the space.

Things to keep in mind when discussing with your interior designer

You must make sure the designer knows what kind of vision you have for your loft apartment.

  • What benefits are you hoping to get out of it?
  • What lifestyle are you planning to maintain while living in it?
  • What functional areas do you want stressed?

Based on the design tips we discussed make a note of all the important and then talk with your preferred residential interior designer in Bangladesh.

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