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Making your home staging a hit.

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A very important thing, if you want to sell your home.

Which is why, as Bangladesh’s leading interior design company, we are publishing this blog on how to make your home sale a hit in 2021.

Blog overview

To best understand how you can make your home staging a hit, we will…

  • First look at what a home staging is, and why it matters.
  • Next see what are the features of a good home staging.
  • And conclude by seeing a few tips on making your home staging a hit in 2021.

Let’s begin…

What is a home staging?

Home staging is when you prepare your home for showing off to prospective buyers and/or investors.

It is usually done when you’re looking to sell your house.

Why having a successful home staging matters

In almost every case, a house sale is a very important event.

Maybe you want to move, maybe you need the money…

Whatever the reason be, you want to get the maximum value possible for your home.

For that to happen, investors must be highly impressed by your home.

A good home staging does exactly that – show your home in the best possible way, boosting its valuation.

How is home staging related to interior design?

Before selling a home, many homeowners engage a designer to revamp it, giving it a better look.

This gets them a better value for the home.

But, for these improvements to be clear to buyers, a good home staging is required, wherein they will see all that your home has to offer.

Features of a good home staging

A home staging must show off the best features of your home to prospective buyers.

And it must put them in a good mood, willing to match the price you’re hoping for, and commit to buying.

Tips on making your home staging a hit in 2021

Here are a few tips you can follow to make your home staging a hit…

Clean your home

Make sure your home is spotless.

The things you must focus on are:

  • Kitchen appliances.
  • Bathrooms.
  • Room corners.
  • Under furniture, like beds and sofas.
  • Sinks.

Yes, the new buyers can clean the home themselves, but they will be put off if your home is dirty.

Ensure the entrance is appealing

Ensure the entrance is clean.

  • You can consider putting a fresh coat of paint on the door.
  • Polish your nameplate, if any.
  • Ensure the letterbox is clean and upright.

Declutter your home

How is decluttering different from cleaning?


Cleaning refers to getting rid of dirt.

While decluttering ensures your home doesn’t have more things than it is big enough for.

  • Anything you don’t need day to day should be put in a storage room, neatly packed in boxes.
  • Anything you haven’t used in a long time should ideally be sold.

Make it magazine-friendly

Have you seen home photos in magazines?

They look glamorous, but do they look like someone actually lives there?


Your home too must look less lived-in, for a successful staging.

  • Remove excessive family memorabilia, if any.
  • Place some fresh fruits on the kitchen table (for show).
  • Put away clothes inside cabinets.
  • Ensure the bathroom has a fresh bar of soap and a freshly washed towel at the wash basin.

Keep a few flowers and plants

Like I keep saying, flowers and plants are a low-cost, low-maintenance way of boosting the aesthetic value of your home.

Keep a few of those all around your home.

Check the floors

With all the work, the floor usually is forgotten.

But you know to remember.

Check for cracks, loss of colour and burn marks.

Ensure a cheerful atmosphere

Please look for conditions like

  • Your bathroom feeling damp.
  • Your fridge having leftover food odour.
  • Rooms that feel stuffy.

Usually, a sprinkling of lemon juice or essential oils like eucalyptus can ensure a nice atmosphere.

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