This is the second post of our blog series on home staging. For the first post, search for Making your home staging a hit in 2021.

Room-wise home staging tips.

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This post assumed you’ve read our first home staging post, and know:

  • What a home staging is.
  • Who should do it, and why.
  • What are the basic principles that can make or break your home staging.

In this post, we will go through actionable tips and tricks on steps to take in individual rooms of your home, to make your home staging a hit.

Blog overview

To best understand how to implement these room-wise tips on home staging, we will:

  • Briefly go through the principles behind a successful home staging, and then…
  • Go through the home staging room-wise tips and tricks.

Let’s begin!

The basic principles behind making your home staging a hit

Here they are:

  • Your home must look clean (as in no dirt or shabby surfaces).
  • Your home must look uncluttered.
  • Your home must be de-personalized (as in no personal items like family photographs).
  • If you have pets, remember to get rid of fur, litter boxes, etc.

The question is, how to implement these in individual rooms in your home?

Let’s see!

Front door

  • Use a pressure washer to remove dirt and grime that typically collects along the side panels.
  • Give it a fresh coat of paint.
  • Clean or replace the welcome mat. Get a welcome mat if you don’t have one.
  • If you have a number plate, see if it can be read clearly, If not, change it.


  • Clear all clutter from countertops.
  • Make sure there are no waste pieces of food lying around.
  • Check for oi, sauce, and condiment spills.
  • Ensure the bins have a garbage bag inside.
  • Give the sink a good wash.


  • If you have a tiled bathroom floor, scrub it, paying special attention to the gaps between the tiles.
  • Clean the bottom of the sink(s).
  • Make sure the mirror(s) are completely clear.
  • Ensure hanging towels, if any, are not dirty.
  • If there is mold anywhere, wash the area with a baking soda solution, and then use a knife scrubber to remove the mold completely. Remember to wear gloves when dealing with mold.
  • Think about adding an air freshener.

Living room

  • Remove all personal photographs. If you feel the wall or shelf looks bare, you can think about investing in some artwork.
  • Dust shelves and cupboards, especially in the corners.
  • Remember to clean under the sofa.
  • Position most chairs, tables and sofas into groups so that people can sit together and have conversations.
  • Think about adding a rug to the floor if it looks bare.


  • You can think about adding a relaxing colour (like green) to your bedroom (to the walls).
  • Ensure the pillows have pillow covers.
  • Remove extra pillows from the bed.
  • Unclutter nightstands and remove personal items.
  • If your home doesn’t have a home office room, create a corner in the bedroom itself as a home office.

Home Office

  • Remove all files and personal items of work.
  • Keep the laptop.
  • Ensure windows have proper curtains.
  • A few pieces of paper in the bin is fine, but remove food waste, and anything else you’ve thrown in there.
  • Keep some books or files in all the shelves, cupboards etc to show off the storage spaces.

Storage room

  • Reduce the items in the room to show the empty storage space.
  • Ensure whatever is in there is packed in boxes.
  • See that there are no stray items lying around.
  • Fix broken lights.

Furniture (all rooms)

  • Make a list of all your furniture, room-wise.
  • Select your best ones – the ones you feel will appeal maximum to viewers (e.g. a built in bookcase).
  • Keep those furnitures.
  • From the remaining pieces of furniture, remove a few. This helps the rooms look larger and more spacious.
  • Always position furniture so a path to the exit of the room is clear.
  • If a wall looks bare, instead of hanging artwork from it, you can also install a shelf on it. This increases storage capacity.

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