I feel these interior design trends are all set to fade away in 2022.

It’s almost here! Can you feel it?

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Now, the new year means a lot of things to a lot of people.

To us, as the top interior designer in Bangladesh, it means two things:

  • How to design the home for a Happy New Year party, and…
  • Home design and decor trends for 2022.

In this blog, I want to talk about the second one – what trends new year 2022 can have in home design.

Specifically, I will focus on some home design trends that have proved popular in 2021, and want to give my opinion on whether they will continue in 2022.

Blog overview

To help you make the best use of this blog post on what 2022 means for home decor trends, we will…

  • First see why you should read this blog post.
  • Next focus on what are the underlying thoughts behind such movement of interior design trends, going into 2022.
  • Finally take a look at certain home decor trends, and see whether we will see them in 2022.

Let’s make a start.

Why you should read this blog post

As we know, interior design is all about giving your rooms and living spaces a personality of their own.

Now, a knowledge of which design trends may or may not be on the way out in 2022 will help you give your living space a modern, chic look, won’t it?

That’s where this blog post can help you out!

Underlying shifts behind the movement of interior design trends

As you may have understood by yourself, there are a few broad thought processes behind interior design and home decor trend shifts.

Here are some of them.

More ‘efficient’ design

This is not ‘efficient’ as in ‘useful’.

This is ‘efficient’ as in ‘design value’.

In other words, each design accessory or step must add deep value.


Eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle that minimizes the impact on nature is a thought that will continue into 2022.

And this will have an impact on home design and decor.

With that being said, let’s take a look at some home interior design trends and see whether they will continue in 2022.

Open floor room design

An open floor room design is a type of house plan in which one large room functions as multiple rooms.

Different corners or sides are assigned different roles, and typically are in sight of each other, that is there are no dividers between them.

This is a home design trends that might be OUT in 2022, with people wanting more privacy in individual rooms.

Furniture buying will become more selective

People will look for more value in their furniture.

Value can be either aesthetic or ergonomic, or both.

Buying furniture simply on the strength of brands might reduce, and there might be more demand for bespoke furniture design.

Open shelf trend

Open shelves have been wildly popular for a long time, not just in 2021.

They’ve been a lot more popular than use-specific cabinets and other such storage furniture.

However, along with value-based furniture buying, users will look for deep value in storage furniture as well.

That means it is likely open shelves will see a reduction in demand, replaced by specific types of cabinets and such.

Neutral colours

Neutral colours like white and grey have been popular for a long time.

However, for many places, like cabinets, accent walls, and kitchens, neutral colours, especially grey, are losing popularity.

People are looking for more energetic colours, like orange and yellow instead.

Floral patterns

Especially after the pandemic, people are looking for more mental peace and joy in their homes.

And what can be more peace-inspiring than a nice floral pattern?

You can easily go on this trend by getting floral patterned wallpaper.

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