Have you planned your holiday home decoration yet?

It’s here!

And with Christmas, a few things come!

  • Celebrating with friends, calling up or meeting them.
  • Good food, especially cakes.
  • Christmas/holiday season home decorations.

As Bangladesh’s top interior design company, we can’t help you with the first two, but we CAN tell you the best tips and tricks on how you can decorate your home for Christmas and the holidays in 2021.

That’s what this blog is all about.

Blog overview

In this blog post on holiday season home decor tips for 2021,

  • First we will see a few Christmas home design and decoration trends for 2021.
  • Next we will see the house decor tips themselves.

Let’s get started!

2021 Christmas decor trend – LED lights

You of course know about LED lights.

Bright lights, cost a little more, but consume less power. Also, they are eco-friendly.

And this Christmas, LED light-based decorations are in vogue.

Are you going to use them in your home?

2021 Christmas decor trend – less is more

Yes, less is more.

You don’t have to have a lot of decorative items to make an impact.

Well-chosen items, few in number, and used to showcase your tastes and your profile – that’s what people are going for this Christmas.

2021 Christmas decor trend – metallic colours

Metallic colours are very much in demand for Christmas 2021.

Now, what are metallic colours?

Gold and silver are the classic ones.

How to implement this? Keep reading!

2021 Christmas decor tip – create a snowy effect

Don’t worry.

You DON’T need actual snow.

Simply get some cotton or some packing materials (white coloured), and throw around pieces of that in your rooms.

Pro tip: Avoid putting those on the dinner table, as they might get into the food.

2021 Christmas decor tip – implement metallic colours

Very simple!

You can do it via foils.

Or you can get some spray paint, and spray them on surfaces!

Pro tip: Get washable spray paint, as you will want to wash it off afterwards!

2021 Christmas decor tip – decorate your walls

Remember the trend: less is more.

So, refresh your walls just for Christmas, avoiding all clutter.

Christmas wall decor process

Here’s how you can do it.

  • Step 1 – remove all existing decorations from your walls.
    •   Make sure you pack them securely and keep them aside.
    •   Now you have a clean wall.
  • Step 2 – Draw your wall on a piece of paper.
  • Step 3 – Plan your Christmas decorations on the drawing.
  • Step 4 – Get all the things you need, as per your decoration plan.
  • Step 5 – Hang them up/install them.

2021 Christmas decor tip – add plants

Plants are always a good addition to any Christmas home decoration.

And the best part of plant-based decor is that they don’t have to be removed.

Plants have several benefits for your home apart from aesthetics, so as long as you’re willing to water them as needed, you can keep plants in your rooms even after Christmas is over!

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