Don’t start without reading this blog post!

It’s that time of the year again!

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When there will be festive lights all around us.

No surprise, as it is the holiday season – December 2021!

So, it is very likely you will be installing festive lights at your home.

How to best do that?

How even to select which lights to install?

These are the issues we will address in this blog post on how to install festive lights at home.

Blog overview

To explain the issue of how best to install festive lights at home in an easy way,

  • First we will see what benefits you can expect from installing festive lights at your home.
  • Then we will examine the different ways you can classify festive lighting.
  • And finally, we will check out how you should hang festive lights at your home.

Let’s make a start!

The benefits you can expect from hanging festive lights at your home

There are three main benefits you can expect:

Makes your home stand out

Implicitly, lights increase illumination, and make your home stand out.

It can highlight your home decor, and create a feeling of festivities.

And it shows you are enthusiastic about the holiday events.

It will make you and your family members happy

I think you can implicitly understand that bright, glowing lights will make everyone feel cheerful and happy.

However, you don’t have to depend on guesses.

Science says that festive lights make you happy.

It will make your property more valuable

You have just now read that festive lights:

  • Give your home a cheerful look.
  • Make your home stand out.
  • Illuminate your home decor.

All of these will increase the market value of your property, if you want to sell.

The different ways of classifying festive lighting

Based on the characteristic you are focusing on, festive lighting can be classified in a few ways:

Indoors festive lights and outdoors festive lights

  • Indoors festive lights are said to ‘run cool’. They are often selected with an eye on temperature. They do a great job of illuminating your home interior decor.
  • Outdoor festive lights are said to ‘run hot’. They are often selected with an eye on brightness. They will do a great job of lighting up your home exterior decor.

White festive lights and coloured festive lights

  • White festive lights are a classic option and you cannot go wrong with those.
  • However, nowadays, a lot of different, and multicoloured festive lights are also available. In particular, you can go through different colours of LED lights.

A combination of both types may work best for your home.

Mini festive lights and bulbs

  • Mini festive lights are hung in clusters (large numbers) in small spaces, to give off light as a group.
  • While, bulbs can be hung by themselves, as they have high illumination.

How you should hang festive lights at your home

Here is our step by step guide to hanging festive lights at your home.

Make a plan

A plan is always necessary.

Go through what you have read so far again, and then create a festive lighting plan for your home.

Make a list of what you need.

Gather supplies

Follow your list, and gather the supplies you need to hang festive lights at your home.

Typical requirements would be:

  • The lights
  • Wiring
  • Light clips
  • Power sources
  • A ladder
  • Someone to help you

Gathered all of these?


Move to the next step.

Test your lights

Testing lights beforehand will enable you to eliminate any dead ones.

It saves you the trouble of hanging to take them down later on.

Plus, sometimes, one bad light can also damage other good ones.

Attach the light clips and lights

In many cases, you will have to do this while on a ladder; ask your friend to keep an eye on you.

Make sure the power sources are all turned off while you are hanging the lights.

Power it on!

Turn on the power, step back, and admire the festive light display you have created!

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