This will help you make a good start in the process of building your new house.

It’s a new year 2022!

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If you have a wish to build and design a new house in new year 2022, this is a must-read blog post.

Because it will give you a house design and building checklist that will help you overcome obstacles and make a good start to building and designing your new home.

To understand how exactly this will help, and what the checklist is all about, keep reading!

Blog overview

To best understand how to make use of this house design and building checklist, in this blog post, we will…

  • First see how this checklist can help you.
  • Then explore the nature of this checklist.
  • And finally see the checklist itself.

Let’s begin!

How this house building and design can help you

As a top interior designer in Bangladesh, we understand from our interaction with clients that getting started is the most difficult step in building and designing a new house.

You need clarity on what kind of house you want to be built, and getting this clarity proves difficult.

That’s where this house design and building checklist will help you.

The nature of this checklist – how it was developed

We took the basic issues that need to be addressed to get clarity on building and designing a new home – location, property size, and facilities required.

And then we broke each issue down into a number of questions with specific answers.

Simply by answering these questions, you can get clarity on building your new house.

With that covered, let’s look into the checklist itself.

House design and building checklist: Location

  • Do you want your new house on a small plot? Or do you want a larger one?
  • What kind of surroundings do you want?
    • Somewhat remote.
    • With essential facilities like public transport and medical facilities nearby.
    • With neighbours, for a good social life.
  • Do you want to enjoy a view from your rooms?
  • Do you want to have:
  • A small lawn?
  • A rooftop garden?
  • A large garden?

House design and building checklist: Size and overall makeup

  • How large do you want the plot to be?
    • Under 1000 sq ft.?
    • Between 1000 and 1500 sq ft.?
    • Between 1500 and 1750 sq ft.?.
    • Between 1750 to 2000 sq ft.?
    • Between 2000 to 2500 sq ft.?
    • Between 2500 and 3000 se ft.?
    • Over 3000 sq ft.?
  • In your house, you want…
    • _ bedroom(s)
    • Guest bedroom?
    • Living room?
    • Separate kitchen?
    • Garage?

House design and building checklist: Facilities

  • Do you want a provision to be able to partition the house in future (for example for when your children grow up and need some privacy)?
  • Do you want to have a dining room separate from the kitchen, or a dining space inside the kitchen itself?
  • Do you want to have:
    • An attic?
    • A basement?
    • A storage room?
    • A work/study room?
  • Do you want rooms to be within sight of each other?
    • Are there certain rooms you would prefer to be closed off (for example the bedroom should not be visible except if the door is open, for privacy)?
  • Do you want to have modular furniture?
  • Do you want to have provisions to be able to install solar energy panels in future?
  • Do you want hallway-type connections between rooms, or do you prefer rooms to be open to one another?

Once you answer these questions, you will be in a good position to schedule a consultation with your chosen interior designer and get started on building your new house!

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