How best to welcome the pleasant weather season!

The season of spring.

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A time when we look forward to a more pleasant weather.

A time when we go for evening walks in the park, and on long picnics.

A time when we visit each other’s homes.

Which is the reason for this blog on…

Spring home decor in 2021

Our homes better be in a state to receive visitors.

They must be absolutely dazzled by our homes.

They must feel welcome and comfortable on their visit.

And that is what spring home decor is all about.

As a premium home design firm in Bangladesh, we are drawing on our experience to give you the best home decor ideas for spring in 2021.

Blog overview

To give you the best home decor ideas for spring…

First, we will see what features spring home decor must have.

Then we will see what are the ways you can decorate your home for spring 2021.

Let’s get started.

What features should spring home decor have?

To best understand this, we should first take a look at…

Reasons for decorating your home for spring

As I said, spring is a time when we expect a more pleasant weather.

Our minds are joyful and full of energy.

We look forward to meeting with one another, and having a good time with family and with friends.

This is why it’s important to go for a complete overhaul of your home. The best way to do that is via intelligent home decor.

Which tells us that spring home decor should be:

  • In tune with the main element, which is pleasant weather and positive thoughts.
  • Easy to implement.
  • Reflective of your mood, and make visitors feel welcome.

With that in mind, let’s check out spring home decor ideas for 2021…

Just add plants!

Plants are especially suited for spring decoration.

Spring is a time that is supposed to signify rebirth. Greenery and celebrating the natural world is a key part of spring home design.

For some tips on which plants would be best for spring home decor, keep reading till the end!

Go for rustic spring pillows

Added to chairs and sofas, these are great for incorporating the natural and earthy themes in your home decor.

As I just said, natural and earthy are key features of spring decor.

You can get them at a farmers’ market.

Swap darker coloured blankets for spring themed ones

Light colours.

Floral patterns.

These are typical spring themes and patterns.

Find such blankets and use them to replace darker ones.

Get a set of woven baskets

Basket sets can add a bit of chic to your living room and bedroom.

The reason I am specifying “woven” baskets is to reinforce the idea of natural and rustic.

You can get such basket sets in most furniture shops.

Hang solar patterned light fixtures

Light fixtures are a staple home design accessory that can make any room look better.

Having them solar patterned fits neatly into the overlying spring theme.

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