Good home office design is essential to work hard and creatively.

How can you design a home office for yourself in 2021?


As one of Bangladesh’s best interior design companies, we at Tilottoma get this kind of query from clients all the time.

Which is why this blog on designing a home office is being published.

Using well-established interior design principles, we will tell you how you can design a 2021 standard work space for yourself in your home.

Blog overview

To best understand how you can design a work space in your home in 2021, we will…

  • First see why home offices matter in 2021.
  • Next see some important features of a home office in 2021.
  • And finally see some ways you can design your office at your home.

Let’s begin!

Why home offices matter in 2021

Home offices have become important in 2021 due to two main reasons:

  • One, COVID lockdowns have led to many companies asking employees to work from home.
  • Two, advancements in technology have made working from home very convenient.

Due to these two reasons a lot of people have started working from home.

And to work to the best of their ability, a home office is necessary..

Features of a good home office in 2021

To ensure you can work to the best of your ability, a good home office must:

  • Ensure maximum productivity for you.
  • Provide you with some privacy from anyone else you live with.
  • Be easy to declutter.
  • Be an engaging environment where you can focus on work.

That being said, let’s look at a few ways you can design a home office in 2021.

Select a single-door room for your home office

If you go for a single door room, there is lesser chance of other people in your home entering and leaving your office as they walk around the house.

If there is more than one door, people might use your office as a route to go from one room to another, which will disturb your work.

Go for a proper writing/computer desk as your main workspace

Writing/computer desks are designed to be of optimum use for storage and work.

Instead of using just any table you have lying around, consider investing in a proper writing/computer desk.

Make space for one or two family photos

Even though you are at home, when you are working, the atmosphere will become very intense.

If you are in a Zoom meeting, it may be even more intense.

That is why having one or two family photos near your work table makes it easier to destress.

Have plants in your home office

House plants have a lot of advantages:

  • They filter dust and many germs out of the air.
  • They can keep the temperature at an optimum level.
  • They can create a calming environment.

That is why keeping house plants in your home office is essential.

Don’t know what plants to keep?

Keep reading…

Have at least one large window

This will allow natural light and fresh air to enter the home office, which is very important for a healthy work environment.

Try to ensure the window is not behind you

If you have to work during dayhours, and attend a Zoom meeting, a window behind you will mean other people in the call will be looking directly into sunlight.

That will not be good.

Think about the colour scheme of the walls

Different colour schemes have different meanings.

Mostly white walls have a professional look.

Orange walls can make you feel energetic.

Green walls can inspire calmness.

Yellow walls can inspire creativity.

So, think about the colour scheme of your walls.

Have at least one cabinet

This will be important for keeping books, files and papers.

It will also give your home office a thoroughly professional look and inspire you to work hard.

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