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Do you need to plan a duplex house design project in Bangladesh?

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In this blog post, we are going to give you an introduction to duplex house interior design so you can have realistic expectations when you plan your duplex house in Bangladesh.

This blog post will also help you have a useful conversation with your interior designer in Bangladesh about your duplex house project.

With that in mind, let’s jump into the topic and have a look as various aspects of designing and building a duplex house in Bangladesh.

Blog overview

In this blog post on giving you an introduction to duplex house design in Bangladesh,

  • First we will take a look at some important aspects of duplex houses in Bangladesh.
  • Next we will see features of duplex house interior design.
  • Third, we will do a cost projection and estimate of building a duplex house in Bangladesh.
  • And finally, we will take a look at what you should expect from the interior designer if you consult them about your duplex home project in Bangladesh.

Are you ready to begin?

Important aspects of duplex houses in Bangladesh

To plan a duplex house interior project, here are some aspects of duplex homes in Bangladesh that you should be aware of:

Premium feel in limited space

A duplex home can give a feel of a luxurious lifestyle. A premium feel.

This, while it is built in a limited space.

There are different types of duplex homes

You can subdivide duplex homes in different ways.

  • Some duplex homes are divided horizontally, via a wal, while other duplex homes are divided vertically, via a ceiling (one unit on top of another).
  • Depending on your taste in homes, you can have…
    • Traditional duplex home.
    • Modern duplex home.
    • Duplex villa.
    • Duplex bungalow.

Features of duplex house interior design

The important features of duplex house interior design that you should be aware of

Double-height walls/ceilings

Most duplex houses will have double-height (meaning high) ceilings, which means tall walls.

So, you have a lot of area on the walls.

You can put your mind to work and do wall interior decor extensively.

Privacy issue

Privacy becomes a big issue especially in the placement of the connection between the living units and the outside.

For example, if the connection is a staircase.

How should you position the staircase so as to give privacy to the occupants of both units?

Should each unit have a separate staircase straight to the outside?

Layout planning

How should you ensure both elements of the home have access to all the facilities?

For example, take a duplex that has living units on top of one another.

How should the bottom unit have access to the terrace?

How should the top unit have access to the basement?

Layout planning for a duplex house should take these issues into account.

Cost projection to build a duplex home in Bangladesh

There are a lot of factors that go into the cost of building a duplex home in Bangladesh.

  • Where in Bangladesh are you building your duplex? Real estate prices vary from location to location.
  • What is the area of the building?
  • How are you hiring contractors?
  • What kind of supplies and building materials do you want?
  • How far is the building site from the labour market?
  • What will the machinery cost?

An important metric in duplex house construction in Bangladesh is building cost per square foot.

In Bangladesh, that can vary between BDT 1100 and BDT 2000 per sqft.

Out of the total plot size, you can expect the built up area to be anywhere between 75% to 95% of the total.

And then there are other variables, as discussed above.

What should you expect from your chosen interior designer in Bangladesh

When you discuss a potential duplex home design and building project with a BD interior designer, you should expect,

  • A unique duplex home design plan with luxury characteristics and amenities as per your requirements.
  • Full assistance in understanding how feasible your design dream is.
  • Professional treatment throughout your interaction and project.

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