Let’s get working on giving your home a fresh look!

Home cleaning.

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An activity that’s essential, yet one that most of us approach with a sense of nervousness.

And, due to repeated COVID lockdowns, house helps may not be available all the time, meaning that you can’t make THEM responsible for the house cleaning.


  • How should we proceed with home cleaning?
  • What materials are best used in home cleaning?
  • Are there any tips and tricks that I can follow?

To help you plan and do your home cleaning better, we are publishing this blog on home cleaning tips for 2021.

We will give you a few tips and tricks on home cleaning that will tell you…

  • A few approaches to home cleaning.
  • Home cleaning materials you can use, and how to best prepare them for it.

When you’re done reading the blog, you’ll know how to best clean your home, by yourself.

Blog overview

We will proceed through this blog on house cleaning tips for 2021 as follows…

  • First we will go through a few scenarios in which you might want to go for a overall house cleaning.
  • Next, we will see the actual house cleaning tips.
    • For every tip we will try to see what cleaning materials you need.
  • Finally, we will go through some other things you can do after house cleaning.

Let’s begin.

When would you want to go for house cleaning?

Here are a few scenarios in which you might want to go for an overall home cleaning…

  • You just want a fresh start.
  • Guests are coming over.
  • You want to sell the house, and are showing it to prospective buyers.

Whatever be the scenario, here are the home cleaning tips for you to follow…

Mirror cleaning

Mirrors get dirt spots that makes them less shiny, but if you are not careful with the cleaning, you may end up scratching them.

Use vinegar and a soft rag to clean mirrors.

Warm up your cleaning cloth and water

In many places just a cleaning and soap water will do.

However, warming up both the cloth and water does a lot better.

If you have a microwave for the heating, it’s best!

Use lemon and salt for steel surfaces

For stains on steel surfaces, like your basin and tap, go for lemon and salt solution, with a bit of water cleaning afterwards.

Couch and rugs cleaning

Did you know baking soda is highly absorbent?

That makes it a good material to remove deep stains from your couch and rugs.

Ceramics and plastics cleaning

That dishwashing liquid you use?

It’s great for ceramics and plastics cleaning.

Things you can do after a thorough home cleaning

After you’ve done a thorough home clean, you can…

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