As the clock ticks us slowly into 2020, a whole new decade, we reflect on our experience in interior design in Bangladesh to select those ideas and styles which we feel will be ruling interior design trends in 2020 and beyond.

As the beginning of a new decade, 2020 is the perfect time for you to take stock of emerging design trends, even if you’re normally not that interested in interior design. So, whether it’s a paint colour you’re thinking about, or an entire design style (like minimalist), or you’re just thinking about a new bedroom design, knowing about the top 5 design trends for 2020 and beyond should help you choose.

What’s The Underlying Theme Behind These Design Trends?

Sustainability Is Very Important

As awareness about climate change and the negative effects of environmental problems on our health spreads, sustainability is becoming more and more important – in everything.

As far as interior design is concerned, people are looking for sustainable interior design solutions and eco-friendly ones. This is particularly important in a coastal country like Bangladesh which is highly exposed to rising sea levels.

Individualism Is Becoming Important

Who you are.

What your story is.

These are becoming important. Your work should reveal important clues about you, your identity and your story. This is not just customized interior design but a very rich interior design that’s embedded with your personality.

2020 Design Trend #1 – Neutral Colours

What are neutral colours?

Neutral colours are essentially white with an undertone. Good examples are grey and beige. Neutral colours, normally dismissed as plain or boring, are going to make a comeback in 2020 design schemes.

It’s a return to a classic trend. Plus, neutral colours tend to create a feeling of serenity and calmness, which should become an interior design theme in this decade.

2020 Design Trend #2 – Off-trend Designs

Individualism is becoming important. Interior design clients are becoming tired of seeing the same design plans over and over again. Demands for something new in interior design proposals are rising.

  • Is the design idea unique?
  • Does it reflect the personality of the customer? Will it reveal their story?

These are the kinds of things people want reflected in the space they are getting designed. And this is such a strong trend, in our assessment, the off-trend design theme will be around for much of the coming decade.

2020 Design Trend #3 – Black and White Designs

It’s there in black and white. Decor solutions with various combinations of black and white shades will rule the roost in 2020.

By themselves, black and white are completely opposite colours. They represent the two opposite forces of the yin yang.

However, just like the yin yang, when they come together in a painting plan or a decor scheme, they form a contrasting beauty. Black and white marble flooring, a white sofa with black pillows – there are a lot of ways to incorporate this design concept into your interior design plan.

2020 Design Trend #4 – Sustainable Design

Climate change is coming; and it’s real.

Coastal countries like Bangladesh, and countries like the Philippines, which has been hit by typhoons again and again over the last few years, are especially determined to move towards a sustainable, and that includes sustainable interior design solutions.

Moreover, non-natural design can sometimes lead to health issues, like when some paints emit harmful gases.

Thirdly, the use of natural, sustainable interior design and decor materials gives living and work spaces a warm, earthy look that’s becoming very popular.

2020 Design Trend #5 – Countryside-inspired Design

Partly inspired by the move towards sustainability and green living, we see a definite rise in the countryside-inspired design trend. But the countryside-inspired design trend is not simply about getting an earthy look in the home. It’s about giving a personal, down-to-earth touch to interior design, breaking down ‘chic’ patterns, and deeply personalizing them. Primary colours, rustic materials, and a mix of antique and modern designs will feature prominently in this kind of design.

To sum up, the top 5 interior design trends for 2020 are

  1. Neutral colours
  2. Off-trend designs
  3. Black and white designs
  4. Sustainable design
  5. Countryside-inspired design

Do you agree with this list?

Or, do you think there are other important design trends we haven’t mentioned?

Make sure to tell us in a comment below!