Apart from the usual ones about bold colours, there might be a few surprises in this list!

The bedroom. The place of absolute tranquillity. The place where your entire body shuts down and rests to repair and recharge itself.

So, you understand that having the right interior design for your bedroom is not just about aesthetics – it could potentially have a positive effect upon your health! Because interior design done right can help you get a good night’s sleep…and sound sleep is critical towards leading a healthy life.

As the premier interior design company of Bangladesh, Tilottoma is committed to becoming your go-to guide for all things interior design. Keeping all that in mind, let us see what are the top 5 bedroom design mistakes that you should avoid in 2019.

1 – Bold And Loud Wall Colours

This seems to have become a thing. People want to go all ‘modern’ and ‘hip’ and paint every room in their home with bold and loud colours. While that may work for your living room and maybe your study (it doesn’t always), you should definitely avoid bold colours in your bedroom.


Because, like I just said, your bedroom should be a place where you can easily unwind and rest. Having bold colours stimulates your senses instead of soothing them, resulting in you remaining tense and/or excited, which doesn’t help you sleep. Go for soothing colours like green instead. Blue also works, especially for young children.

2 – Having A Work Desk In Your Bedroom

Remember I said some of the things to avoid would not be obvious?

This is one of them.

It seems to make a lot of sense, right, to have a desk where you can attend to some last minute work before you crawl into bed?

No; it does not make sense, and for the same reason as avoiding bright colours in your bedroom. Having a reference to your work in your bedroom will keep you alert as to pending tasks, maybe even anxious about a work project. You will not be able to sleep. Keep your work life and your sleeping life separate.

3 – Not Maintaining A Sense Of Balance

King sized bed and tiny-sized everything else. Bed and all furniture pushed up against one wall and the rest of the room bare. These are two classic examples of an unbalanced bedroom design. No, avoiding these will not help you sleep better but it will definitely give your bedroom a much better look.

Pro tip: If you have some spare space in your bedroom and don’t know what to do with it, consider investing in a comfortable sofa. This gives you a choice – if you want a quick snooze, you can go for the sofa instead of the bed.

4 – Remember Acoustics

We return to sleeping better. I just now mentioned about the bed being pushed up against a wall. Well, sometimes, typically in a smaller apartment bedroom, placing a bed up against a wall does not look that bad. That’s because the room is otherwise filled with chairs, a cupboard and so on.

However, please do remember to not place the bed against a wall which is adjacent to, say, the living room. Or a room where there is a television. Or which is shared by your neighbour. Because there is a possibility there will be a lot of noise on the other side of that wall, which will disturb your sleep.

5 – Not Personalizing And Accessorizing

I explained bedroom interior design in almost medical terms at the beginning – that a good bedroom interior design can help you get a good night’s sleep, which has medical benefits.

However, you should not plan your bedroom interior design keeping just that in mind. Because a strictly efficiency-based design will not work for a place where your entire intention is to relax and let go. You need to personalize your bedroom with a few accessories. A photograph maybe. Or a mirror you’re really fond of. Or some quirky artwork you got from the flea market. Something along those lines. Something that makes the bedroom feel warm and welcoming, helping you nod off.

To sum up

Bedroom interior design not only makes the bedroom look good, it may even have some medical benefits by helping you get a good night’s sleep. And that is why Tilottoma decided to follow up our blog post on 5 living room design mistakes to avoid with this one on 5 bedroom design mistakes to avoid. In short, the 5 things you should avoid when designing your bedroom are

  • Bold and loud wall colours
  • Having a work bench/desk in your bedroom
  • Not maintaining a sense of balance
  • Not accounting for acoustics
  • Not personalizing your bedroom and making the bedroom design strictly utility-based

I wish you all the best in designing your own bedroom!