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Looking to do home design on a budget?

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Here are 10 tips to help you get started!

10 tips on affordable, budget-friendly home design

From overlooked steps like reorganising items around your home to improving the lighting, here are ten tips that will help you do your home design on a small budget.

  • Reorganise items around your home
  • Repurpose items (especially furniture)
  • Go DIY with some decor
  • Ruthlessly remove clutter
  • Make and stick to decisions
  • Pick out some strong points in your room interiors
  • Make sure you decide upon a style and colour scheme/palette first
  • Remember accessories
  • Make walls your focal point
  • Enhance lighting

Reorganise items around your home

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Moving things around the home, from one room to another, may not seem like any interior design idea at all. But you’ll seriously be taken aback at the immense change that it can do.

Change the way things are oriented, or relocate some pieces.and see what a difference it makes.

Whenever you see something that you feel would enhance your decor, think seriously whether you already have that object, maybe in a different room or being used in a different context.

Baskets and boxes, tables and chairs, and art and accessories are some of the things that can easily be shifted between rooms.

Just to be clear, a major revamp of your home’s interior design would require investment in new items and objects.

But when you’re doing home design on a budget, reorganising what you already have is a great way to refresh the look and atmosphere of your rooms.

Repurpose items (especially furniture)

Similar to the above point, repurposing and multipurpose-ing furniture is a great way to do budget home interior design.

Think outside the box. Be creative. Try to see things in a new sense. You can even repurpose something to be used in a way that’s entirely different from its original purpose.

For example, the handle of a disused drawer can be used in the bathroom as a towel bar. A large storage unit can become a bed or a table with minimal effort. A ladder with broad steps can become a storage unit wherever you need extra storage space.

And don’t limit this to stuff that’s already in your house. Whenever you’re buying new things, remember to get creative. Think in terms of functions, not objects and see whether something cheaper can be bought and repurposed.

Go DIY with some decor

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Going DIY is a great way to reduce interior design costs while keeping the room decor genuine, as emotion and care that you put into the work will be reflected in the decor.

While many home design functions are best done by a trained interior designer, many more you can do yourself, creating home interiors that are visually spectacular and also deeply personal.

Some of the things you can do yourself are:

  • Painting a wall with a new colour or a new pattern.
  • Adding accessories to a room.
  • (if you’re into carpentry) modifying existing items and/or painting them.

You can take pictures and publish them on your social media, starting potential conversations with your friends.

Ruthlessly remove clutter

Home design is about utilising your space, not merely about filling it.

That’s why ruthlessly removing clutter is a no-brainer when it comes to any kind of home design and decoration.

Having too many items and elements is always more difficult to manage and can end up making your rooms look like a mess.

Less stuff lying around shrinks your storage space requirement, and makes it easier to store everything neatly within your available space.

Decluttering your home seems a huge task and is discouraging? Here’s a trick: think small. Rather than thinking you have to declutter your entire home, focus on a single table. Or on a single drawer.

You’ll find decluttering that proves fairly easy and quick.

Once you’re done with that, move on to the next table/drawer. And keep moving on and removing the excess stuff till you’ve covered the entire house.

Make and stick to decisions

Having been in this industry for a long time, we’ve encountered many kinds of people.

Which is how we know there is a high chance that when doing things like removing excess stuff (clutter) from your home, you will start facing indecision.

Something that you think is clutter and can be thrown away might seem to have either practical or sentimental value minutes later. You may end up thinking that you should postpone removing it that time and give it a second thought.

Avoid doing that.

Once you’ve made a decision, stick to it.

By all means, if you have specific second thoughts (like a particular item having a specific use), change your decision. But avoid going back on decisions based on vague objections (like thinking that a trunk you haven’t used in years can suddenly become useful).

Making and sticking to decisions can make it easier to do small budget home design by reducing expenses.

Pick out some strong points in your room interiors

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Wondering what the strong points of your room interiors are? They are certain spots or features that add a lot of value to the overall home interior.

They could be anything from a window facing your front yard, a balcony that is small but offers a great view of the city skyline, a wide living room leading to the rest of the house and so on.

Such features and strong points should be valued and embedded into your design plan.

This reduces the need for any work on those aspects of your home, and shrinks the bill for the home design project.

Make sure you decide upon a style and colour scheme/palette first

Any interior designer will tell you how important cohesion is in your design plans.

Cohesion shows you have put thought into your space’s decor and whatever you’ve done is based on an overall plan. Choosing a style and colour combination at the beginning is a great way to get a high-end feel.

Look through various design styles and finished rooms. Choose styles (or mixes), colour combinations and objects that you like, and use them to decide -on a style and colour palette.

Remember accessories

When planning a budget home design, remember to start small. What do I mean by that?

I am talking about accessories.

Remember how I said interior design is all about using your space efficiently and showcasing your personality?

Sometimes you will find those are better achieved by simple addition of accessories rather than through big steps like repainting walls and so on.

Accessories like artworks, cushions, fixtures, trays, vases and so on can be amazingly effective at refreshing your space, giving an updated look and feel to old furniture and even hide flaws on items that are past their prime.

Also, if your home was designed by a professional interior designer previously, by not changing any of the colours or designs, you are in a way leveraging that existing design in your new look.

Make walls your focal point

Walls are some of the largest surfaces in your space, and as such, can make a big difference in your design. Good wall decor becomes a feature on its own and adds character to your room.

So, what can you do to your walls?

You can repaint them – which would involve a major expense. Alternatives to painting are wallpaper and sticky tiles.

You can also hang artwork, mirrors and fixtures on your walls.

There are many budget-friendly approaches to wall decor – you just have to figure out which one works best for you.

Enhance lighting

Lighting is an often-overlooked aspect of home design. Poor lighting can make even a premium design, high end room look not so good.

On the other hand, taking steps to improve lighting is an inexpensive way to improve your room’s looks.

So, how can you improve lighting?

I would suggest dividing up your light sources into three categories.

First comes the basic lighting, that gives you most of the light you need to look around the room. Basic lighting comes mostly from natural light (during the day) and from overhead lights.

Second comes the enhanced lighting. These are added to fulfil specific functions, for example a table lamp that helps you read a book, or concentrate on work.

Finally comes vibe lighting, which are there for adding atmosphere. For example candles and string lights that can create a cosy feel inside your room.

Think about these different kinds of lighting, and which ones are required in each room.

Should you consult on your budget home design with an interior designer

I have mentioned a few times that you can do the home design yourself to cut costs and keep the total expense on the project down.

That being said, a trained interior designer in Bangladesh will be able to offer you good advice on some of the points, like picking out the strong points in your space, making walls your focal point and enhancing lighting.

So, it might make sense to discuss your budget home design project with an interior designer.

All the best with your budget home design project!