Eco-friendly interior design is the need of the hour, especially in Bangladeshi interior design. Tilottoma, being a leading interior design firm in Bangladesh, is acutely conscious of its duty to help protect the environment.

 Eco-friendly interior design…eco-friendly everything, in fact, has never been more critical than now, when talk is not about avoiding or reversing environmental damage and climate change, but about avoiding the worst aspects of it.

Clearly, the time to do something is NOW. And as a leading interior designer in Bangladesh and a responsible Bangladeshi company, Tilottoma is ready and willing to do its bit to spread awareness and implement green interior design ideas.

Why should interior designers in Bangladesh go green?

As a country in the so-called ‘Global South’, Bangladesh

  •         Will be among the first countries to suffer the ill effects of climate change
  •         Has fewer resources to deal with the negative effects of climate change

So it is all the more important for Bangladesh to start doing its bit to reduce its impact on the environment. And this is as true for an information technology company in Bangladesh as it is for an interior design company in Bangladesh And as a company committed to democratizing the interior design scene in Bangladesh, Tilottoma is revealing how you can make a difference by adopting some eco-friendly interior design practices.

Green Interior Design Idea 1: Always Go For Second Hand Furniture

Recycling furniture (by buying second hand) reduces consumption of the natural resources and harmful chemicals that go into the making of a whole range of furnitures.

Second hand furniture has a lived-in charm of its own.

Along with a smaller impact on the planet, going for second hand furniture also has a lighter impact on your pocket. Always remember to bargain with the dealer, though. Usually you can get a pretty good deal at a lower price than the one they will quote at the beginning.

Green Interior Design Idea 2: Use Plants To Decorate Your Home

No, your few home plants won’t make up for the Amazon being burned and chopped out of existence but they WILL add a little greenery to the world.

Plus, just like with second hand furniture, when you decorate your room with plants instead of natural decorative pieces, you are reducing the consumption of the natural resources and harmful chemicals that go into the making of such pieces.


a. Plants can keep the room temperature at an optimal level.

b. Plants are quite low maintenance.

c. Plants can filter out some harmful substances from the air.

d. Plants can make the room soothing and refreshing.

You can start out with lilies, English ivy and Aloe vera.

Green Interior Design Idea 3: Optimize The Use Of Natural Lighting And Go For Solar Energy

These will help you cut down on the use of coal energy which is a big pollutant. To optimize the use of natural lighting, you can

a. Go for sheer curtains which will allow light to enter your room while maintaining some privacy for you.

b. Paint walls in light colours to amplify the lit up effect.

c. Plan your home so that rooms like the bedroom where you don’t want a lot of light face north while those where you want as much sunlight as possible, like the living room, face south.

For solar power, talk with your interior designer and they should be able to incorporate it into their design plan. That is so from a design point of view, your solar panel installation jives with the rest of your home.

Green Interior Design Idea 4: Go For Eco-friendly Paints

Most paints are rich in somethings called Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs. These are chemicals that become gases very easily. As you can guess, they aren’t good for your health or for the environment in general.

So, go for paints that are eco-friendly, specifically those which do not contain VOCs. Sometimes, such VOC-free paints will be labelled ‘low odour’.

Green Interior Design Idea 5: Go For Natural Design Material And Furniture

This might appear to be strange advice for eco-friendly design, but you should go for wooden furniture more than plastic. This is because a lot of glues and resins that go into the making of plastic furniture are not eco-friendly. On the other hand, a lot of the wood for wooden furniture is made from wood sourced sustainably, for example from wood farms. You should be careful though to make sure that you are not buying furniture made from protected wood types. As far as flooring is concerned, go for bamboo, stone or linoleum flooring which are all eco-friendly materials.

 To sum up

With the threats of climate change and global warming becoming more and more apparent, as far as interior design in Bangladesh is concerned, there is a definite need to go green. As a leading Bangladeshi interior designer, Tilottoma has revealed the top 5 green interior design ideas for your home.

  •         Go for second hand furniture
  •         Use plants to decorate your home
  •         Optimize the use of natural lighting and go for solar energy
  •         Go for eco-friendly paints
  •         Go for natural design material and furniture