How to make the hallways of your home look the best they can in 2019. The Tilottoma Hallway Design guide reveals it all…

Hallways are just one of those. Those that appear insignificant but in reality are anything but. I mean, think about it. You go through them so many times a day. If you look from one room into another, chances are, you’ll be looking through a hallway. However, hallways have remarkable design potential. They offer you a chance to make a style statement with eclectic colour combinations and trendy artwork and accessories. They also offer often overlooked storage capacity, which can relieve pressure on your storage room or wherever you stow things away.

But how can you realize all these in your own hallway? That’s what we’re here to discuss.

1. Focal Point

Say you’re looking from one room into another. Or you’ve just entered the house and are looking inside. Chances are, you’ll be looking through a hallway. So, one good idea would be to create a focal point in the hall so as to make the sight much more inviting.

What is a focal point?

Simply put, a focal point is the first thing you see when you look at a room, a hallway, a foyer…anything. When you’re looking into a room across a hallway, though, your vision is limited by the width and height of the entrance into the room, so the focal point effect may be rather limited.

So, what do you do?

Create a focal point in the hallway, through which a person’s vision will have to pass if they are looking through it into a room. No need to get all worked up and do something clumsy that clogs up the hallway. Just introduce a symmetrical arch.

That can become a focal point within the hallway itself, through which the person will have to look in order to look into the room opposite. And, by creating a focal point with an arch, you have given the person who’s looking an expectation of greatness.  They will anticipate something aesthetically pleasing and richly rewarding. And this is critical to make people, visitors and yourself, feel good in your home.

2. Light play

Arranging for light to shine through hallways is a plus for your home design. Allowing light to shine freely and abundantly in space always makes space seem bigger and inviting. I told you that installing an arch inside a hallway can create a focal point, and heighten expectations when looking through that, into the room or whatever lies beyond. Allowing for light play in the hallway deepens that effect and boosts anticipation and excitement even more. It doesn’t always have to be artificial lights. Hang a mirror strategically in the hallway so that natural sunlight bounces off of it and floods the entire hallway.

3. Storage

Like I said, hallways offer great opportunities to boost storage capacity in your home.

Does the hallway include stairs?

Then use the under-stair space creatively. It could house something bulky you use frequently, like a cleaner or a washing machine. If you have a pet, you can make a space for them under the stairs, although you will need to check the space regularly. If they make a mess, cleaning would be a nuisance in the small space. You can keep clothes reserved for special occasions or cutlery that you keep aside for when you have people over who you want to impress.

Does your hallway have an alcove?

Alcoves are a trendy addition to a hallway, are not difficult to build in if you don’t have one already, and make space for you to install an entire cabinet in. Or maintain a sitting arrangement, or a small sofa, lined up for someone who wants a quick snooze.

4. Art and antiques

You can make your hallway your own personal art gallery. You can also make it your repository of antiques, which you can get from a farmer’s market or a dealer.

Make your hallway really your own by adorning it with art and antiques in your own style.

5. Floor

The hallway, especially if it leads to the front door, will typically see a lot of foot traffic, muddy shoes and so on. Your flooring decisions must depend on that.

Hardwood or marble floors are a very good option for dirty and muddy shoes and heavy footfall.

If you have children who are sure to run all around, consider options like a runner rug to keep them safe from falls.


To sum up, hallways offer often overlooked scopes for interior design.

  • You must turn it into a focal point for whatever space it leads to;
  • Allow light to play through;
  • Use space innovatively;
  • Personalize it with art and antiques; and,
  • Choose your flooring option(s) carefully.

Have you designed your own hallway?

Do you feel you did something that’s not mentioned in this article?

Please, do leave a comment below and let’s get a discussion going!