Here are 6 ways a professional designer can make life easy for you!

Starting or planning a new house building/room renovation project, and wondering whether you should hire the services of an interior designer?

Wondering whether paying for professional interior design services is worth it?

Thinking how much of a difference a trained designer can make to your home interior?

Then this is the blog post for you!

Can hiring a trained designer really help you achieve stylish house interiors?

For most of us, home design and house building and renovations are some of the most important and largest projects we will undertake in our lives.

So it’s natural that we will seek to understand every aspect of the project and make informed decisions on whether to spend on professional interior design services or not.

Here’s the short answer: A professional designer will help you in a variety of ways.

From managing the overall design project efficiently to sourcing high-quality materials at reasonable prices, and bringing fresh and innovative design ideas to the table…

A trained and professional interior designer will create more value for your design project – in the form of cost-effective sourcing of materials, efficient project management and quality output – than the monetary cost you’ll bear for hiring them.

Let’s see these in a little more detail.

Interior designers are professionally trained

Unlike “decorator” which is a generic term that doesn’t really mean anything, “interior designer” is a specific job description that requires professional training to achieve.

Professional training involves degrees from recognised institutions, internship-based training, and experience from working under recognized designers.

They will bring all that education, knowledge, and experience to your project.

Forget making furniture that’s too big for your main door, they will ensure the final output is a space that matches your expectations and your personality.

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Professional designers can utilise connections

A designer spends years working with others – from suppliers to contractors – to finalise projects. He or she builds a network of contacts with time.

They can use these connections to get the best deals for you.

From getting trade discounts from suppliers to convincing manufacturers to stick to custom requirements, and hiring labour at the best rates – you can save a lot of money throughout the course of your project if you allow a professional designer to manage it for you.

For custom furniture design, get in touch with our furniture design team.

Innovation and creativity

At the very outset, a designer brings a fresh set of eyes to your project.

They will be able to spot the strong points and weak spots in your plans and specifications, and suggest modifications as required.

Not for nothing does an interior design project involve fairly extensive consultations between you and your designer – taking you through all their observations, getting your feedback, and embedding it into the project plan takes time.

A designer can also bring creative and innovative ideas to the table, and extract utility out of your space that you could never have imagined!

For example, you might be thinking of throwing away a large table that you inherited but which doesn’t seem to be suitable for your new smaller home…but your designer may be able to turn it into a killer feature piece for your living room!

Making the best possible use of the budget

A good designer will be trained to work within the constraints of a budget, and will know how to use available funds in the best possible way.

For example, if you have to choose between a higher quality sofa and an expensive, chic lamp, investing in the sofa makes better sense.


Because it will take on much more wear and tear than the lamp…and over time you will end up paying a lot more to maintain the sofa.

Another example: say you want to have a sleek and stylish table for your home office but it’s unaffordable for you. A trained designer will know how to work on a cheaper alternative to give it a look almost similar to the more expensive one.

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Creating a functionally efficient space

As a long-time interior designer in Bangladesh, we have noticed that most clients think majorly about aesthetics – that is how stylish the space is – when thinking about design.

However, functional efficiency is equally important.

For example, if you have a bedroom that’s designed with lots of bright colours and aggressive textures, it will no doubt look exciting. But can you relax and fall asleep in such a bedroom?

Designers will ask you questions about your expected use of every room, how many people will be in the household and so on, and create a layout that will meet your needs for years. 

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Catching errors in time

We interior designers try to follow a rule – catch and fix mistakes as early on as possible in the design process. 

This reduces the need for expensive alterations and modifications, and leads to less pressure on the budget.

For example, the client may have identified an upscale kitchen island. But will they do all the measurements, and make sure that the island doesn’t block kitchen cabinet and appliance doors from being opened?


The designer can make the appropriate measurement while planning the layout itself, and adjust the design accordingly.

Think how much time, labour, and money was saved than if the kitchen had been built according to the earlier plans, and the defect was spotted only when you inspect the finished kitchen and find cabinet doors don’t have the clearance required to open!

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Should you hire an interior designer for your home design – ending remarks

If we have to summarise what we’ve covered in this blog post, it would be…

YES, hiring an interior designer for your home design is indeed worthwhile. The most important reasons being:

  • They’re professionally trained in interior design project management.
  • They can use their contacts to source superior quality products at affordable prices for you.
  • They bring innovation and creativity and will make the best possible use of your space.

In other words, you can think of it in this way:

If you are building, redesigning or renovating your home, hiring an interior designer is not really an optional expense that you can decide whether or not to do…

Rather, it is an investment in your real estate/renovation project which is mandatory to create a space that is a pleasure to live in.

Do you agree?

Which do you think is the most important reason for hiring an interior designer?

Let us know in a comment below!
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