In some aspects, the living room is the most important room of your house. It is very important to maintain your home’s ambience in your living room.

Where do you spend a lot of your waking hours? Maybe your study. But certainly your living room, correct? You certainly don’t spend a lot of time in your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen, do you? A lot less than you spend in the living room.

And where do you ask guests to sit when they visit your home? Your living room, right?

Clearly, your living room is one of the most important rooms in your home. It is critical that interior design mistakes are avoided in your living room. Otherwise, the entire ambience you are trying to create in your home will get disturbed.

Tilottoma, as a leading interior design company in Bangladesh, is well-placed to reveal the most glaring living room interior design mistakes that you should avoid in 2019.

Choosing The Carpet Carelessly

A well-sized carpet brings balance to the living room. Choose a rug that’s too small, and it’ll just look terrible. On the other hand, a rug that’s too large makes the room appear small.

As a rule of thumb, you can consider getting a rug that’s large enough for you to place a centre table and a sofa and some chairs on it and still have some room to walk on. Ideally, the carpet should not be placed right at the main entrance of the room but should start some distance away.

Getting The Wrong Sofa

A sofa is more or less a must in a living room. But be careful about the one you choose. The first thing to consider is the practical issue of sitting comfortably. People should be able to sit down on and get up from the sofa without too much effort.

So, don’t choose a sofa that’s too low. As far as aesthetics are concerned, unless you have a very well-designed and large house, stick to a simple sofa. In particular, sofas with curved legs, winged arms and those kinds of designs look very out of place in a small to medium sized apartment or even in a house that’s otherwise not very elaborately designed. And pay attention to the fabric it’s made of.

Badly Placed Television

In almost every house I have designed, there is a TV in the living room.

However, the placement of the TV is critical. It should be on a wall or placed on a table against a wall. I would advise going for a yellow or orange colour for the wall on which the TV is.

Pro tip: Please do not place the TV on the wall which has a window. It hinders the free movement of light during daytime, makes it difficult to see the image and may actually be bad for your eyes.

Having Only Upper Lighting

This is a crucial aspect that I think some interior designers too tend to forget when designing your living room. It is absolutely crucial to invest in a variety (I’m saying ‘invest’ because this may be a bit expensive but if you’re going for tasteful design, the cost is worth it) of lighting arrangements including reading lamps, floor lights and wall lights.

Pro tip: Another design hack that works wonders is a lighting dimmer. Then, you can reduce or increase brightness according to the mood you want to set – brighter for a loud drinks party and dimmer for a visit by a close relative or friend.

Not Planning Your Layout

If you host large parties, you need to have the layout to support your guests breaking into a few groups and engaging in some private conversations. You would also want to have a spot from where you can address the gathering.

Secondly, you need to ensure a clear space in front of the window to allow sunlight to enter and reflect throughout the room. In conclusion, the living room is where you spend a lot of your time and also where you invite guests to sit.

In a way, it is a focal point of your home. You need to maintain and project your home’s ambience in your living room.

To do that, you need to avoid these 5 living room interior design mistakes

  • Choosing the carpet carelessly
  • Getting the wrong sofa
  • Having a badly placed television
  • Having only upper lighting
  • Not planning your layout

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Or, keep watching this space for more exclusive content on interior design!