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What to do and consider before hiring an interior designer or decorator

So you are looking to hire a professional designer to work on the interior of your new place, or to renovate an existing space that you have.

That means a significant investment of time, effort, and money on your part (yes, any good designer will involve the client in the decoration work).

So, the question is, how do you make that investment as fruitful as possible?

One way is by making a good start – hiring the right interior designer for the job.

Now, when we say “the right designer” we aren’t talking only about their degrees.

We’re talking about whether they’re the right fit for your specific project.

Will you be able to work with them, and tap their experience and creativity to craft a stunning interior for your home?

To make that happen, you have to do a number of things before meeting with and hiring a designer/decorator.

Make sure you know what your preferred style is

Most design clients – especially first-time clients – claim they know what their design style and preferences are.

Yet, when asked, they cannot describe it meaningfully.

We are speaking from our experience as long-time interior designers in Bangladesh. So, take our word when we say making out what your preferences are is a lot more difficult than you think it is.

Here’s the problem the majority of people face – they think that temporary fads are personal preferences.

For example, say you visit a friend’s penthouse and like a particular accent wall they have installed there.

Most people think that wall represents their style.

But that’s not the case.

That may simply have been the temporary fascination, in a particular context.

But your style has to be something you’ll be comfortable with for years.

How to find your style

List out certain things you like.

Take the accent wall from the example just now. Ask your friend for permission to take a picture.

And then try to find common features in all such things.

You can also take along all such photos to your meeting with the decorator.

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Make a checklist of items that are important to you

We all have certain items in our homes – it could be anything from a table that’s been in your family for decades to an accent wall that you really admire – which cannot be done away with.

So that’s a limitation on the designer.

Before work begins on your project – before you meet with designers, you must make a checklist of all such objects and talk it over with the designers, so they know what they’re working with.

Setting a budget and timeline

Like we said earlier too, an interior design project involves a significant investment of time and money.

And especially when you present inspiration from home design magazines (which feature professionally decorated/home-staged spaces), the design project can turn out to be very elaborate.

This is where having a rough idea of a budget and a desired timeline will prove very useful.

You may want a certain kind of finish and workmanship for your living room, but will your budget and timeline allow for that?

Can you hang around waiting for your designer to hire a certain contractor that’s known for being good with a certain kind of craftsmanship?

This is why it’s crucial to be honest with yourself and set a rough spending limit and time frame within which you need the project to be executed.

Three things you should know about interior designers’ fees

  • One, fee structure varies from professional to professional so the assessment will have to be on a case-by-case basis. So, when you discuss the budget make sure you go over their payment plan so you know what you’re signing up for.
  • Two, decorator fees do not cover supplies like furnishing.
  • Three, there are many design-professionals out there who will be happy to consult with you. That is, they will discuss your project with you and draw up a detailed plan which you can submit to a contractor for implementation. This can save you some designers’ fees – however, remember that you will be dealing with the contractor by yourself.

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Research different interior designers

How do you choose an interior designer?

Remember, a design project is a significant commitment.

You need a designer who’s not only talented in the kind of decoration work that you’re looking for, but with whom you can work with.

In other words, you will need someone with a temperament that matches yours and that you can strike up a professional relationship with. There should be complete trust and clarity between you and your chosen designer.

So, put time and effort into researching different design professionals.

In particular, go through their design portfolio (which will be available on their website) and see whether they have done any work that’s similar to yours.

If you’re familiar with contractors and/or with furniture shop owners, you can ask them about whether they can recommend designers who work with them or buy materials from them frequently.

Meet with multiple designers

Found a designer whose style you like, or who’s been recommended by a design supplies shop owner that you trust?

You should go ahead and hire them, right?


Don’t just hire the first professional some of whose previous work you happen to like.

Make a shortlist of a few designers whose work aligns with your preferences and/or who’ve been recommended.

And then schedule meetings and consultations with them.

Remember, you are going to hire someone to create a space that you will live in for months and years.

You may have to discuss certain details of yourself which you consider private.

So it’s really crucial for that openness to be there between you, which is why you need to meet with multiple designers before hiring one.

Things to do before hiring a design professional – conclusion

To sum up, you need to meet with multiple designers and decorators before making a hiring choice.

Your main lookout is – can they deliver the design you’re looking for, and can you work with them?

Now, to have a productive meeting with a designer, you need to know what your style and preferences are, and what kind of budget and timeline you can afford.

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