Your living space does not have to be large for you to be able to decorate it properly.

Small space design and decor.

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It’s one of those things that many people consider to be difficult.

Or not worth the effort.

As Bangladesh’s leading interior design firm, we have had so many design and decor clients tell us that.

And I am telling you that it is not so difficult.

You can make your small living (and/or working) space look great, with a little bit of focused decor effort.

To help you, I am going to reveal a few tips and tricks for decorating a small space in 2021 in this blog.

Blog overview

In this blog on small space design tips in 2021,

  • First, we will look at some small space characteristics.
  • Then we will see what might be the difficulties in designing a small space.
  • Finally, we will go through the small space design tips.

Let’s make a start…

Characteristics of small spaces

A small space will look cramped.

Space planning will be very important in creating a design plan for small spaces.

Small space decor issues

Here are a few issues you may face when decorating a small space:

  • Lack of space is an obvious issue.
  • You must allow for sufficient space for people to move around.
  • Objects will cast shadows, which will make the space look even smaller.

All that being said, here are the small space decor tips for 2021.

Paint the walls

This is one design element that you may not consider, but it’s very effective at giving your room a cheerful look.

The advantage it has in a small space is that it doesn’t take any extra space to add.

Paint the door

I am pointing this out specifically because this is something that many people forget.

Remember to paint the door, on both sides, and give anybody entering or leaving your small space an excellent feeling.

Keep plants

Plants are a very important home decor element that can help beautify your small space in more ways than one.

Advantages of keeping house plants

House plants can…

  • Keep temperature at optimum level.
  • Filter many germs out of your room air.
  • Give you peace of mind.

If you’re not sure what plants to keep, read on…I’ll tell you how to select later on!

Hang decorations on the walls

From pictures to mirrors to art pieces – there are many things that you can hang on your small space walls.

Light fixtures

Light fixtures are another easy design fix that are useful in small space decor.

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