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How to make your office space beautiful and efficient – tips and tricks

Proper workplace interior design doesn’t just make it look good but can directly inspire employees to perform better.

If it is a client-facing business (that is, clients/customers visit the office to get work done), good interior design has a positive impact on clients as well, getting them in a positive frame of mind and encouraging them to do more business with the organisation.

This is all the more important in the post-COVID time, when getting employees back to the office has become a challenge for many companies.

That is why, based on our extensive experience designing office interiors in Bangladesh, we are publishing this blog post on tips and tricks to achieve an effective workplace interior design.

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Get the branding right

Your branding is the most important reflection of your identity as a company. It’s what will ensure customers remember you and want to do business with you.

That’s why it’s so important that your brand should be reflected in the design of your office’s interior.

Everything, from the exterior to the car parking area, the reception, the open space, and the interior, should be designed to reflect your brand and company’s true identity.

Every area ought to have the logo and brand colours reflected and coordinated.

Choose the layout based on the nature of the work

The needs of your employees can be taken into consideration when choosing the workstation layout. 

Both cubicle-free and open workspaces are beneficial. 

However, it depends on the particular needs and type of the job. 

  • Cubicles work best for people who spend the majority of their time on the phone. They can talk easily in cubicles. 
  • The row layout and workstation, however, will work well if the job requires using a computer and you need to fit more workers in a smaller area.

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Try to make the office space inspiring

Make sure the interior decor of your business is energising and motivating. 

People are happier and more productive when they work in an inspiring environment!

But, how can you do that?

Variation is essential for creating a welcoming atmosphere. 

Plan for imaginative common places as well to make the location more welcoming. 

These spaces can be used to collaborate or simply just get up from one’s desk and walk around. 

Equally crucial are lounge areas. 

Having a designated area for breaks is crucial – it will remind employees to take a break occasionally so that they can refresh themselves and focus more on their work.

Plus, this will guarantee silence in the working spaces!

Make efficient use of the available space

The arrangement of the office should be planned for productivity as well as aesthetic appeal. Additionally, it ought to have sufficient space so that when the team expands, the new individuals can set up workstations in the office without having to go through major changes.

Having a proper office layout is essential and has a big impact on the entire interior design of the office. 

The employees may become irritated and finally lose focus if the workstations or cubicles are too small. 

But the team can sit and work in comfort if the desks and cubicles are made to be the ideal size.

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Ensure employee wellness

To begin with, comfort is obviously important because people spend a lot of time at work.

Specifically, chairs must provide enough back support and be pain-free. 

This is why the greatest option for office interior design is still adjustable seats. 

There are many lovely office chairs available that, regardless of the design of your office furniture, will match it.

Additionally, moving about should be encouraged for employees. 

Standing desks are a fantastic solution since they let you cycle between sitting and standing at your work. 

Another useful option is shared co-working spaces or lounge areas, which motivate individuals to occasionally get up from their desks. 

Additionally, you should definitely consider small adjustments like moving the printer a few more steps away from the desks.

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Natural light

Having sufficient natural light in the workplace is very important.

No matter how fancy you consider your lighting system to be, there is no substitute for natural light.

It has significant positive effects on mood as well as health.

So, how do you ensure sufficient natural light?

Large floor-to-ceiling windows are now a pretty common (and beautiful) way to let natural light into an office.

Another way to let light through and get the most out of the sun is through transparent internal partitions!

Ensure sufficient storage

Any office space needs plenty of storage. 

To hide the majority of the clutter behind closed doors and give the room that clean, designer look you see in magazines, closed storage is especially important. 

Keeping things organised is also crucial. 

Maintaining order in a space is much simpler when everything has a place.

Avoid clutter

Whether you’re designing a new workplace or renovating an existing office, your aim should be to keep it clutter-free.

Ensure that the layout you’re proposing doesn’t make the space crowded and clumsy.

Storage, which we just looked at, is just one aspect of this.

Employees should have dedicated spaces to keep not just their official paraphernalia but also their personal items.

Shelving and cabinetry will be required for office accessories. Boxes and baskets are other good choices you should consider.

Get in touch with our furniture design team to get your shelves and cabinets designed professionally.

Have office plants

Greenery inside the workplace has several benefits that will result in highly improved productivity for your company.

Overall, indoor plants significantly increase work satisfaction among employees, help them focus, and improve air quality.

Employees feel relaxed in the presence of plants. This is especially important in the otherwise official – sometimes even sterile – office atmosphere.

Office greenery can also nudge employees into avoiding distractions, and ensuring a wholesome atmosphere in the office space.

Ensure correct colours

Have you ever wondered whether all the fuss about colours is worth it? Felt like we interior designers make too much out of nothing when we ask you to think carefully about the colour scheme?

Take it from us – colours impact our mind.

Some encourage creativity, some give you energy to work, some can calm you down…and a few can simply be annoying!

Therefore, careful planning is required when selecting colours for an office space.

Office interior design tips – ending remarks

Who wouldn’t want a workplace that is inspiring, healthy, and productive with all of these elements?

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