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Residential Interior

Are you ready to start designing your dream home?

Why Choose us?

Client-centric design

Tilottoma always places the client at the centre of its design process. The design that you want for your home, the story that you want told – that is what we aim to put in our interior design.

Highest standards

Tilottoma has extensive experience handling interior design orders from both local and multinational companies. So, all our work adheres to the highest of standards in all aspects.

Quality Design

We will always ensure that you get a finished product that is beautiful, long lasting and durable. We always take environmental factors into consideration and use advanced technology in our design.

Full Transparency

With many interior design companies, the client has to worry about quality and deadline of the project.

Not with Tilottoma. We will always ensure full transparency.

Types Of Home Design Service

We recognize you are unique, with your own kind of needs. To give you full flexibility, Tilottoma offers 3 kinds of home design services.


3D Design

All aspects of interior design – decoration, furniture placement, colour scheme, soft furnishing, finishes – can be better planned via 3D Design.

Design Consultation

We offer consultation services too.

So, even if you are somewhere where we are not located or if you just want to do the design yourself, doesn’t matter!


Planning and Designing

We offer both planning and designing services.

However big or small your project may be, we will be happy to plan and execute the design for you.

Our Home Design Service Includes…


Modular Kitchen

Whatever be the shape or size or any other specification of the kitchen you want, Tilottoma will get it done and optimized to fit your existing space.

Wallpaper & Painting

Confused over whether wallpaper or painting is right for your walls?

Don’t worry. Tilottoma is there to help!


Soft Furnishing

Tilottoma will work with you to decide which soft furnishing is best for your home. And we will source only the best materials from across Bangladesh.

Carpentry & furniture

Tilottoma will ensure only quality design for your furniture to brighten up your room. We also refurbish old furniture and make bespoke furniture.


Tilottoma eagerly takes up the design challenges of space optimization and beautification and also practical challenges like regulatory issues.



  • Flooring
  • Partitioning and false ceiling
  • Decor materials
  • Modular furniture
  • And many more…

Our Various Residential Design Projects

What Our Clients Say About Us

“On time, always in touch, beautiful design…Tilottoma is really one of the best interior designers in Bangladesh.”
“I had only a small design project. But Tilottoma did not ignore it or give it 50% attention just because it wasn’t a very big project. They gave it all their attention and I am very happy with their work.”
“My earlier designer was giving me such a hard time. I had to keep an eye on everything – budget, time, everything.

Tilottoma is a very different experience. I did not have to worry at all. Whatever involvement I had was voluntary, to tell the design team what I wanted.”

“Really, a very good design team and very fast execution. Cannot thank Tilottoma enough!”

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