Duplex House Design In Bangladesh

Do you want to have a duplex home in Bangladesh?

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High Quality Duplex Homes In Bangladesh

A duplex home has 2 dwelling units in the same building. It is a great way for families to live together, but also have some privacy between each other.
As the leading Bangladesh duplex house designer, Tilottoma will understand your exact needs and design a duplex home for you!

Why Tilottoma For Duplex Home Design?

Most designers will try to impose their own conditions on your building project when you ask for a duplex house design.
We won’t.
We will sit with you, see what your housing requirements are, and design your duplex in a smooth process.

Quality Housing

Allow us to design and build your dream duplex home in Bangladesh for you.


Our client-centric design management ensures a tension-free design for you.

100% Transparent

We will do everything to maintain complete transparency with you on the project.

Durable Design

Duplex homes built by Tilottoma are durable and will pass the test of time.

Duplex House Design Services We Offer In Bangladesh

Tilottoma offers three kinds of duplex house design packages to meet the needs of our various clients.


3D Design

A 3D simulation helps you visualize the project, and make plans accordingly.


We will consult with you on your duplex house design project and help you plan.

Full Building

We can build your whole duplex home in a full-scale duplex house design project.

Our Duplex Home Design Package Includes These Services

Modular Design

Modular Design

We handle all kinds of modular design. Adaptable modular design is a good choice!

Materials Procurement

Materials Procurement

Working with various suppliers and getting multiple quotes, we will source best materials at good rates.

Furniture Making

Furniture Making

We will make your duplex house furniture strike the right balance between aesthetics and functionality.



Beautiful and practical flooring solutions, designed to be a comfort to walk on and have in your duplex house.

Soft Furnishing

Soft Furnishing

The best fabric and soft furnishings to ensure maximum living impact for you, will be delivered by us.

Other Services

Other Services

Various other services like renovation, ceiling & partioning, and painting & wallpaper are also covered.

Our Various Bangladesh Duplex House Design Projects

What Our Clients Say About Us

“On time, always in touch, beautiful design…Tilottoma is really one of the best interior designers in Bangladesh.”
“I had only a small design project. But Tilottoma did not ignore it or give it 50% attention just because it wasn’t a very big project. They gave it all their attention and I am very happy with their work.”
“My earlier designer was giving me such a hard time. I had to keep an eye on everything – budget, time, everything.

Tilottoma is a very different experience. I did not have to worry at all. Whatever involvement I had was voluntary, to tell the design team what I wanted.”

“Really, a very good design team and very fast execution. Cannot thank Tilottoma enough!”

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