Living Room Design In Bangladesh

Do you believe your living room should be a place where family members can relax, chat, and entertain guests?

To design and build such a living room of your own, get in touch with us.

Chic Living Room Design

We are one of the highest rated interior design companies in Bangladesh.
From designing comfy living rooms on a budget, to lavish living rooms in high-end projects, we have handled them all!

What Sets Us Apart?

A good living room needs to take into consideration multiple factors like lighting, air flow, ambience, comfort, and so on.
Most interior designers won’t tell you about all this, or consider it in their design.
Tilottoma will discuss all these issues with you, and come up with a comprehensive living room design plan that meets all these needs.

Focus on Quality

Stop worrying about quality. All Tilottoma interior designs are high quality!

No Headaches

Our design process has been created to ensure zero worries at your end.

100% Transparency

We maintain clear communication and transparency with all our clients, always.

Long Lasting

Every Tilottoma interior design project is planned to last long and be durable.

Types Of Living Room Design Services

“Our extensive experience in the Bangladesh interior design market has taught us that each client has their own need.
That is why we are offering three different living room design packages.”


3D Design

3D design can plan all living room aspects from lighting to floor planning.


Consult with us and plan the luxury living room that you truly deserve!

Full Building

Tilottoma will do everything. From planning your living room to building it.

Services Available In Our Living Room Design Package

Painting & Wallpaper

Painting & Wallpaper

Which colours will adorn your living room? And how to implement that - through painting or through wallpaper?

Furniture Design

Furniture Design

Living room furniture needs to meet many needs - from seating to display of family mementos. We will do that.



Comfortable flooring solutions that will also amaze your visitors by how beautiful it looks. We'll do that!

Soft Furnishings

Soft Furnishings

The right choice of soft furnishings can add a premium to your living room, and make it better for parties!

Buying Materials

Buying Materials

We have shopped from a variety of suppliers, so we can always get the best materials for your living room!

Other Services

Other Services

Various other services like modular furniture, renovation, ceiling and partitioning are also covered.

Living Rooms We Have Designed

What Our Clients Say About Us

“On time, always in touch, beautiful design…Tilottoma is really one of the best interior designers in Bangladesh.”
“I had only a small design project. But Tilottoma did not ignore it or give it 50% attention just because it wasn’t a very big project. They gave it all their attention and I am very happy with their work.”
“My earlier designer was giving me such a hard time. I had to keep an eye on everything – budget, time, everything.

Tilottoma is a very different experience. I did not have to worry at all. Whatever involvement I had was voluntary, to tell the design team what I wanted.”

“Really, a very good design team and very fast execution. Cannot thank Tilottoma enough!”

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