What you should avoid to ensure your bedroom is comfortable, functional, and functional.

Designing or redecorating your bedroom, and worried about getting it right?

Planning a major revamp of the way your bedroom looks and not sure whether you’re getting the details right?

Think some of the decor plans you have for your bedroom look a little odd?

Don’t worry; we got you!

In our time as interior designers in Bangladesh, we have had numerous consultations with clients worried that their bedroom interior design wasn’t going as they had thought it would.

Once the design was complete they found out it didn’t have the effect they were hoping for.

To help you avoid similar issues, we are publishing this blog post on the most common bedroom design mistakes that you should avoid.

Bedroom design mistakes that interior designers point out the most

Creativity, energy, and passion go into designing the interiors of your bedroom.

After all, the bedroom is your sanctuary, your dream sleep palace – so inside it, things have to be just right.

From the softness of the rugs under the feet to the glow of light bulbs on your bedsheets…

All of these details go into making a bedroom a great place to rest in.

So, what are the mistakes you should avoid when designing your bedroom?

Opting for over-bright colours

A bedroom is the ultimate place for rest and comfort. It’s a good place to put your creativity to use.

That being said, the overriding concern in a bedroom should be comfort.

You need to keep the bedroom serene and cool.

And bright and loud colours are the exact opposite. They are energetic and will make you restless. You won’t be able to get into the peaceful state of mind which you need to fall asleep.

This is why, generally speaking, bright colours are a mistake in bedroom design.

Try to avoid red, yellow, and purple.

Opt for calmer shades, like green and grey.

And even if you do go for colours like yellow due to personal tastes, make sure you use muted down versions, to reduce the feeling of excitement and energy.

Consult with a professional interior designer if you aren’t sure about the colours.

Getting the wrong rug

Remember me mentioning the softness of the rug beneath your feet? That’s the comfort factor which is so essential in a bedroom.

However, there are other aspects of a rug that you need to consider as well.

For example, size.

What is the size of your rug with respect to the other decor and furniture?

Here’s an important tip from me: Don’t be afraid of opting for a large rug.

You should try out a rug that’s a lot larger than your bed.

What you need to check: When you leave your bed, do your feet touch the rug no matter which side of the bed you get out of?

If the answer is no, you need a larger rug.

A good home interior designer should be able to guide you on rugs and carpets for your bedroom.

Blindly opting for matching sets

Box sets are very popular in interior design. Why? Because they have matching items and busy buyers don’t have to think a lot before buying them.

Can you see the problem here?

If you’ve set your heart on creating a really innovative bedroom, one that matches your personality…

Opting for a preselected box set is the complete opposite of that, isn’t it?

It will make your bedroom feel heavy; and you can forget about any expression of your preferences and personality.

Instead, try to include a variety of textures and patterns into the bedroom.

Buy fabrics that can be paired with different aspects of the furniture, like the nightstands.

You should also look around in secondhand shops for vintage pieces. These can prove very efficient at fusing some soul into your bedroom.

Want to get custom furniture designed for your bedroom? Get in touch with Dhaka’s best furniture design team today!

Ignoring artwork

I will start by repeating something I’ve mentioned before – the bedroom is a great space to let your personality and creativity shine.

And what better way to do that than by going for artwork?

Here’s the issue we see clients facing:

The bedroom is not a public space, right?

So, people typically forget all about it, focusing all their creativity on spaces that are routinely exposed to visitors (like the living room).

They take care of the basics in the bedroom and leave it at that.

Or, they save the best artwork for the living and dining rooms.

Don’t do that.

Focus as much on your bedroom as you do on other rooms, when it comes to hanging paintings and accessories.

After all, wouldn’t you love to see a lovely oil painting as you drift off to sleep…or while you’re waking up?

Start your search for artwork by shopping your own home.

Forgetting all about mood lighting

What are the various ways you can establish a comforting and restful atmosphere inside your bedroom?

One of course is the colours, which we have already discussed.

The other is the lighting.

And it is here that mood lighting becomes important in a bedroom.

What is mood lighting?

It is any illumination whose primary purpose is to create a particular state of mind. In other words, it aims to set the mood in a room.

It is different from ordinary lighting in that its colour, brightness, and angle are all used to set the mood.

And use of this is very important in your bedroom.

Avoid having your ceilings left bare.

Add direct and indirect mood and task lighting to complement the room’s interior.

Ignoring window coverings

Remember when I said many people simply don’t think about artwork when decorating the bedroom?

Windows are another aspect that most people ignore.

They leave windows bare, or install curtains that aren’t a good match.

An appropriate window covering can be very useful in decorating a bedroom as they are extremely functional, and can also be very beautiful.

Get creative.

Experiment with fabrics and cuts. Try to work with them to add personality to the room.

Bedroom decorating mistakes – conclusion

Those are the six issues that we feel to be the most common in bedroom interior design and decor.

Now, we want to hear from you.

What issues have YOU faced in decorating your bedroom?

Which aspects of bedroom redecorating did we miss here?

Let us know in a comment below!