Follow Tilottoma’s five step process to decide.

How you can decide which pieces of furniture you should keep.

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You might be thinking – furniture is for keeping, isn’t it?

It’s why you bought the furniture – to keep it, and use it.

Then why should you have to decide which pieces of furniture you should keep?

Read on, and you will soon understand what I am talking about!

Blog overview

In this blog on how you can decide which pieces of furniture you should keep…

  • First, I will describe the all furniture is for keeping mentality, and explain why it’s bad for home decor.
  • Next, I will go through a few occasions on which you may have to remove some furniture from your home.
  • Finally we will see the 5-step process for deciding what furniture you should keep.

Let’s begin!

The All Furniture Is For Keeping Mentality

This is how it goes.

We have bought the furniture with our hard-earned money. We have selected it carefully, and decided it is what we needed. All furniture is for keeping.

It is understandable.

You have had to earn the money you bought the furniture with.

Also, you selected every piece of furniture, maybe with your loved ones.

You have formed a sentimental attachment with the furniture.

The clutter problem

This is the problem with the all furniture is for keeping mentality – clutter.

Your room becomes so full of furniture that it becomes suffocating.

It looks terrible, and makes your life difficult.

In fact, space planning is a basic part of interior design and home decor.

And, as a leading interior designer in Bangladesh, let me tell you that removing non-essential furniture from your room is a key part of decluttering your room.

Some occasions on which you may want/need to remove furniture from your room

In other words, when should you be reading this blog?

  • You might be revamping your home interior.
  • You might be preparing for a party or to host guests at your home.
  • You might be moving home.

All these are when you may need to declutter your room, replan your furniture, and plan on which pieces of furniture to keep.

Now we come to the 5 step process for deciding which pieces of furniture to keep in your home.

First, consider the room

First advice: You will have to go room by room. Consider each room separately.

When you start with a particular room, think about what that room’s use is.

For example,

  • The use of the bedroom is to avoid excitement, get you relaxed and help you fall asleep.
  • The use of the living room is to provide a welcoming (and if needed, exciting) environment for guests, parties, and even just for you.
  • The use of the kitchen is to make cooking easy and enjoyable for you. If you don’t have a separate dining room, the kitchen should also be a good environment to have food in.

And so on.

Once you have fixed the use of the room,

Take measurements and build a floor plan

This floor plan will have to be scaled correctly.

As you may have guessed, it will help you visualize the room layout, and understand space availability.

Consider each piece of furniture

What is its use?

Does the use match with the room’s use?

Is it essential in the room?

Select only those pieces of furniture that match with the room’s use.

Furniture measurements

Measure the pieces of furniture you have selected.

Place them in the room floor plan.

Do they fit?

Take your decision

If they do, keep them (easy decision).

If they don’t, you have two options:

  • Buy a smaller, similar furniture.
  • Remove some other furniture from the room.

Choose the option that makes the most sense for you.

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